Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The Automotive Industry. Need I say more?

We've already been cut back to four day work weeks. Then I found out today we will likely be closed the whole first week of February (this after being closed two weeks in December) and we are all taking a pay cut as of February 1st. Yea things are looking good. Can you hear the sarcasm? Sorry if I'm a little down lately. Jupiter is self employed and we rely on my income to pay 99% of everything. I'm not in the best mood right now. I guess I better start saving up now for that pay cut next month. Ugh.

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Super B's Mom said...

Bless your heart. SO sorry to hear this. It is such a difficult time right now and my heart goes out to everyone that is struggling. Super Dad's work has been cut back dramatically; thankfully, his company doesn't layoff workers. But it's so tough losing that income.

The good news is that God will always provide if we remain faithful to Him. I can't imagine not having that comfort right now. But even then, it's HARD not to let that anxiety consume you.

Hang in there, honey. ((HUGS))


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