Thursday, April 24, 2008


I figured I'm come screw around on here today. I've really got nothing intellegent to say. But some would argue I never have anything intellegent to say. So what's the difference, right?

Mercury started his summer sports program last night. He played soccer last fall and loved it. Last night, not so much. They were in the gym. Why? It's beyond me. It was over 70 degrees out and gorgeous, but they had the kids in the gym. Mercury decided not to leave my side. He claims he doesn't like playing soccer inside. Whatever. Neptune? He also doesn't like Mercury playing soccer inside because he can't get off my lap without being in the way. So he decided to scream half the time. And lucky me, it echos so well in the gym! Teaches them to stick those poor kids inside! lol. Other than that, I got the feeling my kids were abducted by aliens yesterday. They were GOOD for me. They were horrid at daycare, but hey, as long as they're good for me, I don't care! It was a very refreshing change. I'm really hoping the trend keeps up today.

I really wish I had some cute pics to share, but I really don't think that anyone wants to see Mercury sitting in a chair at soccer, so I'll spare you. Instead I think I'm gonna screw around and add things here to this site. I haven't gotten around to that yet. So maybe I'll amuse myself that way.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little Insanity?

What made us think that two adults could handle two three year olds and a one year old, at the childrens museum? They KNEW they had us out numbered. I think they plotted the whole way there. It was a blast though. I was exhausted by the time we left. And we (the adults) were ready to leave way before the kids. Go figure.

Neptune could have splashed in the bubble table all day. Infact he tried

This is what happened when I tried to get him interested in something else

Here's one of Mercury

Maybe I should share one of Neptune having fun?

Now the question is, what wonderful thing can I think up for us to do, to torture myself with next weekend?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Really Think I'm Tired

So Jupiter got a vasectomy on Friday. He keeps bugging me to do it. I'M TIRED! But he wants to know if it still works. Do all men think like this? Oh well, doesn't change the fact I'm tired.

I started my new meds yesterday. I'm now on Tegretol (sp?). It's gonna take me four weeks to get to the dosage I'm supposta be at. They are supposta be sedating. Hmmm, for some reason I think Jupiter will be getting even less than he is now. Since I'm going to be even more tired!

The weekend was beautiful. We (meaning I) got out the sandbox and basketball hoop for the boys. Sometime this week I'll post some pictures. Man those two kids love being outside. I could not believe how dirty they can get though. I mean, yea they are boys. But I think this is going to be a very dirty year for Mercury.

I went to the dr yesterday. They are scheduling my laproscopic surgery. Part of me hopes they find endometriosis so that I can 'fix' this pain. The other part of me...doesn't want to deal with yet another issue. Isn't it sad when you think of surgery and the dr says you're gonna be in pain, all you think is, "YES I can sleep!".

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Crazy Sets In

I'm not sure if this will even make sense.

I'm borderline (if that really exists) Bipolar. I'm on meds for it obviously. I started the meds just about a year ago, soon after Neptune was born. Well, Monday my body decided it didn't like the meds anymore. I got the dreaded "Lamictal Rash". Normally this happens when starting the meds or adjusting the dosage. But apparently I just have to be odd. Luckily my mother realized what it was when I called her and we got ahold of my dr and stopped the meds immediately. Here it is Thursday and I'm still covered in an itchy rash and the withdrawal is starting. I'm an emotional basket case. Luckily I have people around who will help me with my kids. I will have Neptune tonight. But Mercury, he will be with my parents. That one is so full of fire, I can not handle him when I'm like this. For some reason Neptune has a very calming effect on me though. I knew that there was such a thing as a "Lamictal Rash" and that it was or could be serious. But I had no idea how awful and nasty it would be. I thought I was in the clear. I have been doing a lot of reading the past few days. I think so far I've gotten off pretty easy with this withdrawal stuff. I'm not sure how long it lasts, but at least I'm not physically sick like some people get. Just a horrid headache. So lets hope the next time I get around to writing here I have less spots than I do now!


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