Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Really Think I'm Tired

So Jupiter got a vasectomy on Friday. He keeps bugging me to do it. I'M TIRED! But he wants to know if it still works. Do all men think like this? Oh well, doesn't change the fact I'm tired.

I started my new meds yesterday. I'm now on Tegretol (sp?). It's gonna take me four weeks to get to the dosage I'm supposta be at. They are supposta be sedating. Hmmm, for some reason I think Jupiter will be getting even less than he is now. Since I'm going to be even more tired!

The weekend was beautiful. We (meaning I) got out the sandbox and basketball hoop for the boys. Sometime this week I'll post some pictures. Man those two kids love being outside. I could not believe how dirty they can get though. I mean, yea they are boys. But I think this is going to be a very dirty year for Mercury.

I went to the dr yesterday. They are scheduling my laproscopic surgery. Part of me hopes they find endometriosis so that I can 'fix' this pain. The other part of me...doesn't want to deal with yet another issue. Isn't it sad when you think of surgery and the dr says you're gonna be in pain, all you think is, "YES I can sleep!".


Violet said...

"wants to know if it still works" LOL, ok that's great.

Venus said...

yea leave it to a man


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