Thursday, April 24, 2008


I figured I'm come screw around on here today. I've really got nothing intellegent to say. But some would argue I never have anything intellegent to say. So what's the difference, right?

Mercury started his summer sports program last night. He played soccer last fall and loved it. Last night, not so much. They were in the gym. Why? It's beyond me. It was over 70 degrees out and gorgeous, but they had the kids in the gym. Mercury decided not to leave my side. He claims he doesn't like playing soccer inside. Whatever. Neptune? He also doesn't like Mercury playing soccer inside because he can't get off my lap without being in the way. So he decided to scream half the time. And lucky me, it echos so well in the gym! Teaches them to stick those poor kids inside! lol. Other than that, I got the feeling my kids were abducted by aliens yesterday. They were GOOD for me. They were horrid at daycare, but hey, as long as they're good for me, I don't care! It was a very refreshing change. I'm really hoping the trend keeps up today.

I really wish I had some cute pics to share, but I really don't think that anyone wants to see Mercury sitting in a chair at soccer, so I'll spare you. Instead I think I'm gonna screw around and add things here to this site. I haven't gotten around to that yet. So maybe I'll amuse myself that way.

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Violet said...

my goodness, why stick kids in the gym?! that's nuts!!


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