Monday, January 26, 2009

Too old to act so young

So I had a rare night out with adults this weekend. My parents had Mercury and Neptune stayed at daycare over night on Saturday. Jupiter and I went out to dinner and to the bowling alley with my bff. Her 'date' was supposta meet us there, but stood her up. So since she was driving herself, I felt it my duty to get wasted for her. It was a big sacrifice. Really.

OMG it was fun. I looked like an idiot. Good times. Untill about 5 am when all the beer caught up to me. What the heck was I thinking? I don't drink anymore. I'm a mom I don't get to be irresponsible. And now I know why. Finally today I think my stomach had returned, but my head...oh my head. I think that was the last time I will ever do that. Seriously, why did I used to find that so fun?

1 comment:

Violet said...

yes isn't it fun how we try to do this stuff?? lol


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