Monday, January 19, 2009


So I got an interesting piece of news yesterday at church. Seems they are doing something new with announcements at the beginning of service. Seems they also need more workers in the Preschool area. Guess who's in preschool? Mercury. Guess who they've picked to interview to get people interested in working back there? Mercury. Now I'm very flattered (and believe me Mommy Pride is huge) that they picked my kid to interview out of all the others that are back there. They seem to think that Mercury is the most vocal and the funniest kid to talk to. So believe me I have a big head right now. But I also let them know in no uncertain terms do I take any responsibility for anything that comes out of my kids mouth! lol. Thank goodness it's all pre recorded. At least someone was thinking here!

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Super B's Mom said...

WOW - way to go Mercury! I know you must be so proud! :) I had to laugh because this reminded me of what Super B's kindergarten teacher said to me just before school started:

"If you will only believe half of what he says about me, then I'll only believe half of what he says about you..


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