Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Wow that looks funny. Is that even a word? Shampooing...hmmm

Well for my Tuesday accomplishment..that's what I want to accomplish. This week I would like to shampoo my carpets. They need a good deep down clean. Neptune has become a master of throwing food on the floor then mashing it in before I'm able to clean it up. I really do long for the days when we had a dog. She would eat that stuff up like it was going outta style when Mercury went through this phase.

I have no idea how Neptune is able to keep growing considering how much of his food he's throwing on the floor or trying to feed to the cats these days. And let me tell you, cats do not clean the floor like a dog would. Have I mentioned I miss my dog?

1 comment:

Violet said...

you can have my cat, she's eat ANYTHING! what's with the throwing-the-food-on-the-floor phase anyway?! Can't they just bypass this one? I feel for ya.


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