Monday, October 20, 2008


That's what I feel like I accomplished this weekend. Although I *think* I really did a lot. Well, the fact I had no time to myself suggests I did a lot. But I did find time to knock back a few glasses of wine. My wonderful husband brought me home a huge bottle of Lambrusco. Ah yes, he does really know the way to my heart! lol.

I managed to make it into church at the ungodly (no pun intended) of 9 am on a Saturday to paint and redecorate my class room with a few other women. I team teach the 2yr old through 4 yr old class on Sunday morning. So that was an accomplishment. I also skipped a good portion of my Saturday nap to play board games with Mercury while Neptune napped. That helped alleviate some of my mommy guilt. I think it's the Christmas Cantata practice on Sunday afternoons that's making me feel like I've had no time during the weekend. Oh well. It's only until Christmas. Which is too far away, and yet not far enough away all at the same time!

Tonight Mercury and I are going to Veggie Tales Live. He's much less excited than he should be for what those darn tickets cost me. Today the little dear told me he wanted to stay home with his Neptune, Grandma and Grandpa (who are coming to watch Neptune while we are gone). And that I should go by myself. Well, gee thanks kid.

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