Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No More Briefs

So Mercury was potty trained at a fairly reasonable age I think. He was totally potty trained (day and night) about a month and a half before his third birthday. I think that's pretty good. Especially for a boy, and because I think Neptune will go to college in diapers. Anyway, he graduated on to 'big boy undies' or briefs with cartoon characters all over them. We had Scooby-Doo (those were the favs), Cars, Bob The Builder, Thomas, dinosaurs, name it. The kid had more undies than I knew what to do with. Then all the sudden one day...the love affair with 'big boy undies' was over. He refused to wear them (he is now 4 btw). All his 'big boy undies' had become, "For babies mom!". Um last time I checked diapers were for babies.

OMG I'm sitting here reeling! First of all when did he get such an opinion and since when did he decide what undergarments are appropriate and what are not? He now must have and will only wear boxer-briefs. We tried boxers, he got them stuck in his zipper or they were all bunched up and hanging out the top of his jeans. But boxer-briefs fit the bill here. Do you know how expensive it is to go out and replace perfectly good undies? And they don't carry very many boxer-briefs with characters in his size. Ugh.

But my 4-yr old is now perfectly dressed in his boxer-briefs and his little hiney is very happy.

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