Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Woman on a Mission

That is what I am. I've had it. I can not take anymore. I've decided not to fight it, because I will not win. So I'm going to go with it. I'm going to make it my new mission.

Mercury has started declaring all things I make, "YUCK". And will not eat them. In fact sometime I should try to get a picture of his face while he's throwing his whole little "what are you making me eat, woman? POISON?" tantrum.

So my new mission instead of fighting him is to give in. But let me make myself clear. I refuse to make two meals. One for me and one for my kids. It will not happen. Once they quit with baby food, they eat what I eat. So can I make something that not only will they eat, but I can enjoy and keep it somewhat healthy? We'll find out. I'm going to dedicate one post a week to something we're trying that I deem kid-friendly. In fact it's gonna be so kid-friendly I'm gonna make Mercury help me cook it. Yep, this is my new mission in life. There are all sorts of food blogs out there. But we need one with kid food. So here it is. Friday I will try my first kid-friendly meal, so you're not gonna get a play by play until Monday. But that's o.k.


Violet said...

very cool idea!! can't wait

Super B's Mom said...

Good for you!!

I had good intentions when Super B was younger, but never stuck to it. So now he's five and I just fix him whatever he wants and I end up eating a bowl of cereal or something...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!! I hope you'll stop in often!! :)


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