Monday, March 31, 2008

The begining

First there was Big Daddy, Jupiter. We will refer to my Dearest Husband as Jupiter. Then he met Venus (yes that would be me) and we had a beautiful little boy. We will call him Mercury because he is definitely my "morning star".

Then a few years later came my last (and I do sadly mean last) little monkey. We will call him Neptune for his beautiful blue eyes.

I don't know if anyone will ever actually read this, but I find it very therapeutic to write my thoughts out. Plus it keeps me from nagging and complaining and yelling at Jupiter too often. So I'm sure he appreciates my efforts also.

Jupiter is 31 as of January this year

Me, I am forever 23. But in August I will be 28

Mercury will be 4 in July

And Neptune turned one in January.

Some things you should know about my little planets. Mercury is fire. That boy has more energy than any one person should. But he's so compassionate. I wouldn't change him for the world. Neptune, he's my cuddle bug. He's got such a laid back demeanor about him. Everyone loves him to pieces. But, do not make him mad! The temper on that child is amazing! Neptune has been very sick. He was a few weeks early and apparently (according to his new Ped, the old one was an idiot) I should have been given steroids for his lungs. So I'm not sure if any of it is connected, but we start with the test tomorrow. We have to get to the bottom of his illnesses. He is 14 mo old. He'd had 8-9 ear infections and had tubes put in before he was even one. The ear infections continue as do his breathing problems. It breaks my heart. He's such a wonderful child, he should not have these problems. Luckily we have the most amazing daycare in the world. She understands his problems and takes him as sick as he gets. Which is unbelievably sick at times. I'm so amazed and glad we have her. As the main bread winner of the family, I'd have lost any normal job by now with the time I'd be taking off with him.

So that's some background on our little family. I can't wait to see how this journey turns out.


Violet said...

love how you used planets, very cool

Venus said...

haha thanks.


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